Saturday, June 19, 2010

Grammatical Competence and other random thoughts

A trait to admire!
I can understand people wanting to shorten words, that's sort of fair enough.
But when people say 'kool' instead of the grammatically correct 'cool' there really is no point. It's not even easier to type. It just makes you seem slightly retarded, in all honesty.
It's also embarrassing! SERIOUSLY!
I hate when people type a phrase such as, "haii wan cum over tonite" cum? really? how awkward.

In other news,
I felt so indie yesterday. Attending a free gig in a strange alleyway next to Queen Street in the city. How funny. We saw 'The Last Dinosaurs'. It was my first time hearing their music.. and it wasn't so bad, i guess. I waved at the lead singer and he smiled at me for like, a solid minute. I almost died. Hahahaha.

Why is Australia so obsessed with sport?
Obviously, i'm already feeling bad enough about being home on a Saturday night doing nothing. Channel Ten playing AFL does not help with this at all. Why do they want that ball so much? Just learn to share boys, you'll get your turn eventually.

Random thought #3
i am keen. very keen.

I'll be front row baby.


  1. Kristie, Kristie, Kristie, want to know a 'kool' fact? I don't care I'll tell you anyway. It is LITERALLY impossible to be gramatically incorect over the internet, according to Muphry's Law. ;)

  2. you made so many grammatical errors in that sentence my friend!

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  4. Sigh... you are good at missing the point.'s_law